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Indoor & outdoor concrete.

los angeles stone

Concrete finishes.

With more than 200 custom color formulations and multiple styles to choose from, you can go as antique or modern as you'd like with our concrete finishes.


An "exposed" finish, creating a more modern appearance.

Classic polish

Provides a high-gloss finish without the need for waxes or coatings.

Multi-level sheen

Choose your level of sheen from satin to high-gloss.


Give your surface subtle hints of color, bolder design accents, or even custom graphics. Our concrete stains are permanent and stain-resistant.


Invented by the Venetians in the 1500s, this mosaic-like design made with small pieces of marble or granite, followed by a polish, is still prized for its timeless beauty.

Custom coloring

Find the perfect shade—made with CHENG SmartColor, Base Pigments, Interstar Pigments & Surecrete Color Packs.


Non-slip floor coatings are crucial to maintain safe footing inside your home or facility.

Decorative Metallic

Metallic epoxy/urethane finishes gives your floors or countertops a striking appearance.

Antimicrobial protection

Protect against microbial/bacterial growth in your home or facility with protective coatings.

Ardex feather

Essentially an underlayment that provides a smooth, finish prior to installation. It can be applied over all types of interior concrete, masonry, wood, terrazzo, & ceramic and quarry tile.


Used to fill in cracks and create a smooth surface, typically before stains, dyes, or stenciled patterns are applied.
Concrete protection

Even rock needs protection.


Great for outdoors or modern kitchen countertops. This treatment will prevent stains and increase durability.

Concrete sealant

Enhance & preserve the appearance of your concrete while prolonging its durability.

Vapor mitigation

Moisture can destroy the quality and strength of concrete surfaces. Vapor mitigation helps to manage moisture underneath.


Our water-based and 100% solids epoxies are specially formulated for seamless & high-build applications, delivering strong, long-lasting protection and easy to clean surfaces.

Crack repair

Using epoxy to bind concrete pieces/tiles back together.

Concrete slurry

A mixture of cement paste, pigment, and water that is used to fill small air bubbles in the surface of concrete (especially important to prevent bacteria growth in countertops).

Paved floors.

One of the most versatile & classic materials used for outdoor spaces.


Removes dirt and stains to reveal a freshly paved surface.


Restore any brick or tile pavement.


Protect your pavement and make it look brand new.
Concrete cleaning

Maintain the concrete appeal.

Concrete cleaning not only aids in preparation & maintenance but also keeps it looking its best.

Pressure washing

Remove all dirt and debris before adding your concrete layer or after its applied.

Concrete grinding

Deep-rooted stains can be removed through a grinding process that reveals a fresh layer of concrete.

Glue removal

Eliminates old adhesive and creates a more "finished" look.