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Elevate your concrete.

Bond Breakers

Bond breakers are applied between adjoining solid surfaces to break the molecular bonds adhering them together. Allows for an easy lift of tilt-up panels without damage or dangerous chemicals.

Cementitious Grout

Add strength and durability to your grout with non-shrink and precision applications. Designed for underwater use and exceeds ASTM and CRD standards.

Colored Concrete

Add any color to your exposed aggregate concrete finishes with perfect, predictable color every time.

Concrete & Boulder Engraving

Engrave your address, event, name, or memorial into a stone, boulder, or concrete surface.

Cure Sealers & Curing Compounds

Water-based and solvent-based cures and sealers improve the hydration and durability of concrete surfaces.

Dry Shake Hardeners & Toppings

A blend of materials that creates a surface that resists abrasion and increases wear resistance. Color options available upon request.

Evaporation Retarders

Increase durability in extreme and inclement weather conditions with evaporation retarders. These products reduce rapid moisture loss and prevents plastic shrinkage and cracking without affecting the other treatments applied to your concrete.

Form Release Agent

Form release agents aid in the removal of previous formwork, extending the life of new form applications and enhancing smoothness and texture of concrete floors and surfaces.

Latex Bonding Agents

Bonding agents are made up of natural, compounded or synthetic materials that help surfaces to adhere to each other without mechanical fasteners. Typically used to repair or supplement old concrete.

Liquid Hardeners

Harden your concrete floor or surface to enhance protection for spaces made for hazardous activity. This is ideal for factory and warehouse floors, but can also be applicable to schools or service garages.

Paving Curing Compounds

Paving curing compounds produce hard, dense concrete, minimizing defects and extending the life and quality of the floor or surface.

Protective Sealers

Prevent fading from UV rays and wear with high quality paving and concrete sealers.

Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products

Increase the durability and quality of commercial and industrial spaces with epoxy bonding agents, grouts, mortars, and sealers.

Surface Retarders

Expose the true beauty of concrete by removing its surface, without impacting its durability.

Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

Make your floors waterproof with VOC-compliant products that can patch, repair, and protect asphalt surfaces. Designed specifically for waterproofing and damp proofing your floors and surfaces.