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With the sanding process being the best preparation step for any hardwood treatment, and sealants being the best final step, sanding & sealing go hand-in-hand.
prepare your hardwood

Manual & mechanical sanding.

Sanding ensures no prior residue or buildup from previous wood finishes or sealants while also leaving your floors fully prepped for a new sealant to adhere to.

Manual sanding

This method of sanding can be used for any hardwood floors, but is especially recommended for unusually fine oak and produces a much smoother surface.

Mechanical sanding

We carefully select the best-suited grade of sandpaper in our machine for your floor.
protect your hardwood

Professional sealants.


After thoroughly sanding and buffing your floor, we ensure the space is completely clean before we apply a sealant for its protection.


High-powered sealants often release volatile organic compounds into the air when applied. We are proud to say that we maintain the highest quality hardwood sealants that are approved in California.

Insurance claims

Are you insured in case of floods or other potential damage? We hire licensed adjusters to help maximize the cost you're entitled to.
additional treatments


Because it doesn't have to stop there.

Floor levelling

Creating a flat and even surface is critical before any additional treatment. The level of the floor ultimately determines the finished result.

Sound barrier

Does your city or building limit noise? Prevent noise travel between rooms or floors with high-quality soundproofing to meet your housing requirements.

Floor repair matching
(ideal for film industry)

Want to extend or replace part of your floor? We use and stain the same species of wood to create the closest possible match.
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